Presentation Tools

The following are a number of presentation tools you might find useful for the project or other activities. Please add any other sites you come across or add in additional notes around the use and application of these programs (either positive or negative).


Works like one giant virtual whiteboard containing your entire presentation. Instead of flipping through slides, the viewer is zoomed in and out of the appropriate portions of your Prezi presentation, also for the creation of much more animated and visually-appealing experience.
Notes: With limited internet speed (Bandwidth) this site can a challenge to use and some schools will experience this. Great for being able to work at home and at school when ever you can get access. Has the capability to have 10 people working in one Prezi at a time - although this can be a little challenging and very distracting.

A collaborative, Web-based application with a good looking user interface (UI). The basic free version allows for some interesting applications.

280 Slides
This is one of those Web apps that looks and feels like it's running on your desktop. very similar to Apple's Keynote software - easy to use and free.

Google Docs Presentations

The presentation builder for Google Docs is more or less a simplified powerpoint presentation builder. It supports all the basics: adding text, links, graphics, videos to slides, drawing shapes, presenter notes and playback of the presentation. One limitation is that the full-screen presentation is not actually full-screen, but rather it launches a new browser window without the buttons and toolbars.
Notes: You will need to have a Google account to access all the features of the program. You will be able to work collaboratively with others in 'presentations' like most other Google docs. May be blocked at your school but is a great way to develop ideas at home with other students.

Zoho Show
Like other presentation tools Zoho offers the standard functionality, but this one goes a step further by including live audio chat with presentees. A wide range of tools and collaboration make Zoho a very good option for creating smart and sophisticated presentations.
Notes: You will need to sign up and create an account.

Create a slideshow of images or video and you and others can comment on each
photo by text, audio or video

Turn a list of web sites (bookmarked) into a nicely presented web slide show. Notes can be added, content can be tagged, and it has an audio track.

Museum Box
Provides the tools for you to build up an argument or description of an event, person or historical period by placing items in a virtual box. You can add text, images, video and sound to the side of the cubes.

Create a 3D pop up book - can upload own images.


As with all presentation tools it is not the tool that makes your ideas stand out - it is the use of visuals, information and the ability to connect with your audience that make your presentation truly special. If you want to extend your ideas and thinking about the power of presentations check these sites out: