Project Activity - Stage 1

The first part of the project is for the students to complete a unit or topic of work in line with the classroom learning program or activity that has been identified by the Project teacher as part of the project.

Students will need to complete the work activity assigned by using one or many online/web 2.0 tools to either create an make a learning resource or to present the learning resource.

Once this work has been completed the students/teacher need to record a copy of the work (via screencast i.e. Jing, quicktime) or download the work or record a link to the completed work.

It is hoped that teachers will ensure that students complete the learning activity with the highest possible planning and research to ensure a quality learning resource is developed to be shared on FUSE.

It is also hopped that students are exposed to a range of online tools and resources so that not all the same applications are used. As students start to use a range a tools it would be appreciated if teachers could record in the Wiki under their school what concepts/resources/tools students have used. Activity

The completion of this activity is the first part of the project and forms the basis for the 'HowTo' resource that students need to create in Stage 2.