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ACMI - StoryBoard Generator
Give this site a try

DigitalDifference Story Board

Kids' Vid Storyboard
Have not used but looks like a simple and basic tool.

ReelClever - Online Storyboard Software
Video on the product -

ABCkids link for the **RollerMache site for storyboards**. It is a great introduction for our students.
Karen J. Lloyd’s storyboard blog She has worked on many well known projects and offers advice and templates.
The Knight Digital Media Centre site that presents a web page storyboarding. It offers a good explanation of why and how to do a storyboard.
YouthLearn An introduction to making movies. A website, designed for kids, about producing videos.
Making Movie storyboards offers steps for teachers to address the creation of digital story in the classroom. Divided into five sections: Prep — Preparing for the lesson Steps — Conducting the lesson Extensions — Additional activities Community Connections — Real world actions for students after the completion of the lesson
Storyboard Depot - The elearning coach A post that gives you a collection of storyboard templates shared by members of the elearning community
Storyboard Generatorr (ACMI) An interactive (and comprehensive site) that offers a tool for students to learn about creating a storyboard, with many CC resources available for students to use when they build their own storyboard.