Hello and welcome to the WEE - Web Elements Engaged project Wiki.

So what is the Web Elements Engaged project all about?

Web Elements Engaged is a joint project of the School Library Association of Victoria and ITmadeSimple.
‘Students of today should be creators of ideas, not consumers of information’.
Based on this premise, the project, Web Elements Engaged has challenged ten school teams, consisting of a teacher-librarian, a teacher and 15 – 20 students, from Year 3 to Year 10 across the state to:
  • Explore web 2.0 tools,
  • Explore copyright-free tools and resources,
  • Collaboratively plan independent research projects using these tools and resources,
  • Use these tools and resources in learning and inquiry-based research activities,
  • Create and share their new knowledge using these tools and resources,
  • Reflect on their learning at various stages of the project,
  • Evaluate their learning,
  • Create how-to’s to assist others to use the tools and resources.

Through intensive, school-based and online learning, the project provided students and teachers with the skills to create digital resources, videos, animation or mash-ups which practically demonstrate the ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ of a range of web 2.0 tools and concepts based on their own experience and application.

A collaborative wiki enabled the developed resources to be made available for other students and teachers to use, to comment on resources, to add additional links, information and classroom application or to add further student-created resources.

This Wiki environment enabled schools to:
  • Plan and prepare materials and resources to complete the activities
  • Test and trial constructed resources
  • View and respond to other school developed resources
  • Collaborate and communicate with students within the project group
  • Collaborate and communicate with others nationally and globally as required

The project:
  • Raised awareness of digital copyright and intellectual property concepts,
  • Focused on the use of Creative Commons, copyright-free sites and resources,
  • Provided students with authentic, collaborative, research-based tasks which have a real world application,
  • Provided intensive, school-based and online learning and support for students and teachers,
  • Established and facilitated a web 2.0-based planning platform which will support others to carry out similar projects.

Concepts of copyright and intellectual property are difficult for students to understand - this is particularly the case in an online environment. Students are also often unaware of the range of copyright-free resources that are available to them. By challenging students to create their own content by using copyright -free materials, this project provides a model to raise critical awareness both of these concepts and of choosing the most appropriate resource or software for the purpose.
Using this project as a model, we can provide students with the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions when publishing their materials online.

This project was funded as part of the digital education content initiatives and strategies of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. The WEE project was managed and undertaken by the School Library Association of Victoria and ITmadeSimple, with the help of the wonderful Teachers and Students from the initial project schools listed on this site. Content from this project is available and accessible on the FUSE website.

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